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Handling a loved one's estate or needing to liquidate your own personal assets can be a difficult and emotional task.  Our priority is to liquidate household contents as quickly and efficiently as possible.  When pricing items, we consider all markets and other important factors relating to the item ensuring optimal outcome for you.  Benefits of a professional sale include targeted advertising, signage, crowd control, staffing and negotiation.  Throughout the liquidation process, your household contents will be treated with respect.  We understand that you are not only liquidating personal property, but that you may have memories associated with many of the items to be sold.  Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate any of the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations.

Questions to consider when you are closing a home.

What can I take with me?
What items are considered heirlooms?
What items do children and family want?
What has value or what needs to be thrown away?
Do I have the time, energy and knowledge necessary to close this home in the most efficient manner?

You can do it yourself, but the advantages of having a professional estate liquidator will save you time and energy while you focus on other important things - in addition to turning a larger profit. 

How much does this service cost?

There is no up front cost.  Guardian works on a percentage of the total sales.  The fee is deducted from the money collected at the sale.

Are there any other cost? 

Occasionally.  Smaller sales may be required to pay or share advertising expenses.  There may be charges for specialized services, such as setup, piano tuning, appraisal of jewelry, or other optional services.  No charges will ever be incurred without the client's approval. 

Is there a minimum? 

There is no fixed minimum.  However, the amount of goods to be sold, the value of those items, and the amount of work involved determine whether Guardian can be of service and the best method of selling the merchandise. 

How do I know if there is enough?

Guardian will come to your home and provide free, no-obligation consultation.

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